Dreampod Version 2

The Dreampod Version 2 boasts a modern, sophisticated design with top of the line product quality. With its smooth and organic shape, along with spacious interior (2270L x 1394W) the Dreampod provides a welcoming environment making floaters feel both safe and comfortable in its embrace, allowing your body and mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation. For added safety, the floor contains an anti-slip surface.

Epsom Salt


Water Depth


Water Temperature


Water Volume


Float Tank Functions

On the inside of the float pod, a high power lighting system provides soothing and beautiful light animations during idle times or during a float session (Chakra colours). The light can be controlled via the blue button on the inside of the float tank and if at any stage during your session assistance is required, please press the red button on the right hand side. Another great feature includes the in-tank music, which provides you with crystal clear underwater music and your choice of a playlist. The pod lid is very easily operated with the use of gas sprints ensuring the lid opens and closes smoothly.