What is a Lymphatic System and How Compression Therapy Suits Work?


The lymphatic system is often described as the sewerage system of the body as it is responsible for the micro filtration of extra cellular fluid and the removal of toxins and infections. Made up of lymph vessels and lymph nodes, the lymphatic system is a primary part of the immune system which helps keep us healthy on a daily basis.

The compression suit stimulates your lymph system, moving and suspending toxins within your body by having air pumped into the suit, which creates pressure and massages the body. Through squeezing in intervals and by section, the suit inflates intermittently to mimic natural blood flow. These repeated intervals not only stimulate blood flow but also stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage lymphatic drainage. Through these techniques, waste and toxins are suspended in the body and eliminated through the body’s natural waste systems including sweating.

We use the NormaTec PRO 2.0 Compression Suits, which come with 3 seperate attachments including Compression Leg, Arm and Hip System.The benefits of this recovery method include – reducing swelling and inflammation, speeding up muscle recovery, preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness, relieving muscle pain, improving athletic performance, increasing flexibility and range of motion, removing exercise-related wastes, like lactic acid and decreasing muscle fatigue.

Compression Leg System

Compression Arm System

Compression Hip System


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